Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Dear my sister!
Please wipe out your tears.

They tied our mother
And beat her with bamboo-baton.

They also accused our father "Outlaw".

They burnt down our village
And seized all the pigs and cows.

They are the same beasts
Like the pigs they seized.

They also calls the elder ladies "Mothers",
And they stole mothers' cup.

The uncivilized inferior people
Forced us to do hard labours.

They came from the starving country
And very voluptuous,
They eat everything they found in the village.

The invaders in turn accused us "Rebels".
Your friend "......." also came back
To the village very late at night
Who they used to winnow.

They also tortured our Grandpa
And killed him later.

The old Grandma they abused
To carry water for their camps.

They are very dirty.
At last, they raped you.

Dear sister!
Please do not weep,
Wipe out your tears,
We have to cross beyond the river.

One day,
Our country must be liberated.

K. Kyaw
(Feb 7, 1998)
This poem is a true story of northern Arakan border.

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