Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Please stop injustice,
Today is Four Number Eight Revolution Day.
The day fighting for Justice,
The Era for Peace.
Paved by the stones of Justice,
On the lawns of Love,
We are going on.
With the benevolent hearts,
By the hands of Truth,
We are sculpturing the new history,
We are fighting against
The narrow Burmese Chauvinism.

It is not the meadow for the cows,
Not the pasture for the animals,
Not the day to hunt for Treasure
Of a broken history.

Not the day of the selfish
To be ruled by the mad and stupid.

Put aside the leeches,
Keep away the bitches.

All the crops of disgust are rotten
And throw them away in the dust.
Please be brave enough to get them off,
It is the Revolution.

Please do not suck the sour milk any more,
It is poison to life.
Please do not sow the seeds of greed,
It means death to the future of our nation.
Please do not write the episode of Alibabas
And please do not play the drama of thieves,
And please do not bring the generations back
The heritage of the Military Rule.

Please wash off all your soul
By more surfs,
Take bath to your body
And dress well of good ironed,

Comb your head
And welcome the gracious morn.
Sing the Sermons
At the dawn of good Gospel.
Today is the day of Revolution.

New day is already enlightened,
The tide of Revolution has already high-risen.
The storm of uprising is still blowing hard,
Keep straight your insights
With unremitting resolutions.

Please welcome Tomorrow,
Please be ashamed of Today,
All of you Generals are like the prostitutes
Who have no shame and very self-concerned,
The ugly faces of Reaction.

All of you are the culprits
Who are staining youth, the future and the treasure.
All of you Generals are to be hanged
In front of the angry crowds on the cross of cemetery.

All of you Generals are the disease of Leprosy
Which can not be cured,
The viruses which give harms to all,
The flies which destroy the crops.

All of you General are the wizards
Who know very well to deceive.
Who do not wish to be true,
Very lazy and nasty indeed.

You Generals know to talk too much,
You Generals understand to gossip,
Akin to the cunning foxes,
A heavy burden to the Earth.

Pollution to the atmosphere is
Because of you, Generals
Therefore, please grow up more trees
The droughts and disasters are
Due to all the disorders.

All of you are more fearful than the people
Who are possessing nuclear weapons,
More fearful than the vampires,
More disgusting than the rotten corpses.

Can you breathe your own smell?
Please bury alive all your ugliness,
Please gored out all your foolishness,
It is a Revolution.

It is not a marriage,
Not a movie,
Not a friction,
Not one thousand night stories,
Not a blue book,
Not a picture,
Not a sculpture,
Not a poem,
Not a song,
Not a guitar,
It is an authentic Revolution
Made up of bloody Truth.

Please welcome the magnificent morning,
Beautiful like a sweet queen,
Please be glorious like a Morning,
And please beautify the world
Like the flowers which bloom at dawn.

Now, the twinkling stars are shining
To give light to this glooming world.

Oh! My moon!
Please do not hide anymore
Among the dark clouds.

Your face is very meaningful, the crown of glory.
You are the Venus,
The beauty of stars,
You are the one who know to dance very melodious,
You are the apple of purple red,
You are the owner of crimson lips,
You are the one who smiles very sweet,
The Queen of the giggling silks.

On the other hand,
You are the one who step strong,
Who sometimes snare with discord,
Who sometimes weep very deep with bitter injures.
Who sometimes laugh at the world,
Who sometimes do not care,
You are  the “King of Emperors”.
Who will deny that you always be
The shower to our burning desires?

All of you! All of us!
Let us toll the bells altogether
With the slogans of high spirits
In this very glorious morning.
Let us dress the white robes
And sing a song in high tune
And breathe the breezes
Deep down to our hearts.

Let us fly like the birds
In the wind of Freedom
Under the blue sky.

It is the aurora of Revolution,
It too is the victory of our Land,
It is the destination of our Generations.
It is the loud hails of the Imprisoned.

On the other hand,
It is the fall of the Repulsive,
It is the end of the Opportunists,
It is the hell of the Egoists.

How long will it take
If we fight all together?
How long will they stand
If we strike if we strike all stronger?

(K. Kyaw)
Released by All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress (AASYC)
On 12th Memorial Day of 8-8-88 (Four Number Eights) in salute to the fallen martyrs.

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