Sunday, December 16, 2007


Oh! My people!
Rise up! Never give up!
Oh! My brothers and sisters!
Unite and Fight!
Fight the enemies.

Break the fence
And bomb the tanks.
What will they do
If we march together
And seize their parliament?

We're not the cowards.
Our hearts are like stones
Hard to break.

Blow the storm
To kick out the dusts,
Knit the ropes
And hang the monsters.

We're empty-handed,
But not afraid.

Our voices are our Bullets.
Our slogans are our Cannons.
Our hands are our Riffles.
Our people are our Brigades.

March onwards
And catch the Vagabonds,
Throw the drums,
And block the roads.
Build the castles,
And delay the troops.
Burn the camps
And set fire.

Listen the whistles
And pierce like the arrows
Into their abdomens.

The cowards are now
Spelling the verses
With the quivering hands
On the Bagava-buds.

They are very brave
To kill
But very afraid
To die.

What is the use
To cry now?

If you kneel before us,
We'll forgive you.

Oh! My people!
Open all the prisons
And release all the prisoners,
We are free now.

Listen to the radio!
It is true,"The people seized the power".

Now, all of you can go
And come tomorrow.
Tomorrow is "Our Independence Day".
How nice is the day
With the sun
Shining beautiful
And saying Good-Morning.

Sing the National Song
And hoist the Flags.

Salute the Heroes
Who laid their lives.
And fire Eight
To memorise our days.

(Tha Hla Oo)

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